Domain Management

Jun 30, 2022


The key aspects covered in this blog are:

  • Domain availability
  • Domain registration
  • Viewing your registered domains &
  • Domain deletion



Domain availability simply means being able to view which domains are available for registration, transfer or which are overall unavailable at that time.

This can be done from either the home screen dashboard, or  under “New Domains” in the sub menu.

From the dashboard, or under “New Domains”, in the search bar type in  the desired domain name  extension and click “GO” or enter, this will return with the availability of the domain, and provide other alternative options to register.



Now that we’ve covered domain availability, we move on to domain registration. To register a new domain, simply search for the desired name extension. This can also be done on the home dashboard or under “New Domain” in the sub menu. 

If the domain is available, the app will automatically add it to your cart for easy checkout. If it’s not, the search field will provide alternatives available for registration.



All domains that you have registered with the TopDog Domain App, can be found either by selecting “Domains” on the home screen dashboard or by selecting “My Domains” in the sub menu. This provides a filtered view for all your domains as well as a quick view of all domains that are due to expire in the near future 



Should you not have any use for a domain, you have the option to delete it. This will return it to the available pool of domains and is non-reversible, so be sure it’s a domain you no longer need. To delete a domain, simply select “Domains” on the home screen dashboard or under “My Domains” in the sub menu, select the domain you want to delete, and select the “Delete” option. There are 6 domains with a grace period, and these are,,,, and

If you decide to register the domain again later, the entire registration process will need to be followed, provided it’s still available. 



Be sure to visit our FAQ page at for any questions you may have about the TopDog Domain app.

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