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We domain! From domain registration to transfer and everything in between… we connect the dots and make it happen.

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About Top Dog Domain Management

About Us

Africa’s first Domain Name App (TopDog) is here!
DNS Africa Ltd, the company behind this exciting new mobile App, comprises a specialised team of domain industry experts committed to providing our partners and customers with highly adaptable, robust and cost effective technology solutions. The TopDog App is one such solution and forms part of a larger technology suite aimed at Registry Operators, Registry Service Providers, Domain Registrars, Resellers and Owners. Keep watching this space! https://topdog.africa/
DNS Africa Ltd is one of only a handful of ICANN Accredited Registrars in Africa and we are also ISO/IEC 27001:2013 Certified for Information Security. We provide domain registry services for more than 12 gTLDs and the very successful .za ccTLD namespace. Bringing this mobile solution to the African market shows that we have some bite to go with our bark. Keep watching this space!

Get the app now

Available as a PWA (Progressive Web App, visit app.topdog.africa from your device), or from Play Store for Android. The iOS version for Apple will be released soon.

Top Dog Sign Up

Sign Up

Sign up is a very quick process, especially if you sign up using your Google or Facebook login. Accept the Terms and Conditions and verify your email (if needed) and you are set.

Top Dog Fund your Account

Fund your Account

Fund your account with a payment by credit card. We accept Amex, Diners Club, Visa and MasterCard payments. If you would prefer to make a payment via PayPal or TransferWise please contact us. There is no minimum payment, but you would need at least $0.50c to create a jozi.biz domain. That’s right, only $0.50c!

Top Dog Menu


Open the Domains menu item and you will be able to create a new domain, transfer a domain to your account, see a listing of all your existing domains (My Domains) and set up your domain contacts (Customers).

Top Dog Pricelists

Domain Pricelists

The domain pricelist can be filtered alphabetically. This list will show domains which are on sale along with domain pricing for new registrations. We regularly add new extensions to this list!

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I register a domain on TopDog?

To register a new domain, simply search for the desired name and extension, in the “register a new domain” search bar that is found either on the Home Dashboard or on the sub menu New Domain. 

This search field will return the name entered and some alternatives, if the requested domain and extension is not available. 

If it is available, TopDog will automatically add it to your cart for easy checkout.

Where does my domain show on TopDog?

All domains can be found either by selecting “My Domains” in the menu, or by clicking on the “Domains” tile on the HOME screen. There is easy filtering for all domains, as well as a quick view of all domains that are due to expire soon.

I just registered a domain name. How do I turn this into a working website?

For a domain name to resolve on the Internet, you will need to secure hosting services for the domain. In general terms, you’ll need to obtain a static (fixed) IP address for your computer from your ISP (although there are work-arounds for dynamically-assigned IP addresses). You’ll need to arrange for two external computers acting as name servers to point your domain at your IP address. Your registrar can then point your domain at the two name servers which have been configured with your information. TopDog make this easy by enabling a url spin, simply copy the url of the page you would like to point to into the spin filed, found in the My Domain submenu, and connect the new domain name with your site. Note that this can also be used for blogs, facebook pages, google sites or other social media links.

How do I spin my domain to a url?

Topdog offers a unique feature that allows you to instantly spin your domain to a URL of your choice. Under the My Domains sub menu, select the domain your wish to redirect then navigate to Spin. Enter (best to copy / paste) the URL of the website you wish your domain to redirect to in the space provided. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DqkpP8tOeO4

How do I search the availability of domains?

This can be done either from the HOME screen dashboard, type the desired domain and extension and click “GO” or enter, this will return with the availability of the domain, and provide other alternative options to register. This can also be done through the “New Domains” sub menu.

Where do I see the transactions that have passed through my account?

In the submenu Payments, all transactions such as registrations and renewals will be listed, with the associated domain, date of transaction and amount.